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[Partly Done] Forum Emoticons  Empty [Partly Done] Forum Emoticons

on Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:32 pm
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Hello AdventZ,

Today we have managed to insert some Forum Emoticons for you to use in our forums here.
Including Grand Chase Emotes, and Partly Blade and Soul Emotes... feel free to use them anytime..

Grand Chase Emotes:
Bye! Hi Wink Kiss Angry Razz Sparkle Cute Best !!! ??? ... Pshhh @_@ Nod Nono Hmph! Sigh~ Sleepy +_+ Buzz Oh Man! Giggle .... Puzzled -3- Great loot Sweat Drops Sing haha cry Rage Sorry Confused Let\'s Go Frantic Hunt Calling Shy Dance Love Let\'s Fight Flower

Blade and Soul Emotes: (not finished)
No! No! :nsy<3: Bow! Famous Dance Nap Sleep Hide Scratch ForeverAlone Bored Coffee Laugh Cute Alone Laugh Downer Chill rest Bye! Exhausted Torture Angry Hey! You! <3 Smear Sword Laughing Adore Cry Abuse Good Boy! FaceGround Ehem~! Transform Super!!! So HOT!! Pweeeeaaasssee~!

Emoticons Coming Soon...
-Dragon Nest Emotes
-Random Emotes
-TROLL emotes ahhahah

Tutorials on what codes you can use to use them will be posted soon...

Thanks to: Grand Chase, KoG, Grand Chase NA forums, Blade and Soul, PlayNC, and NCSoft..

[Partly Done] Forum Emoticons  Vanellope_von_schweetz_glitch_gif_wreck_it_ralph
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