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Bug Compilation as of March 2013 Empty Bug Compilation as of March 2013

on Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:27 pm
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Hello, I just wanted to report some minor and major bugs as of March 2013 some bugs are occurring earlier than the said date.. but with much attention I wanted to squash this Irritating bugs cause they are really bugging me...

Bug #1: Pet Mille- Feuille's Grand Cross Bug.
Description: It seems that whenever I use mille-feuille's pet attack or more precisely whenever I have that "Grand Cross" (mille-feuille's version) Buff, then Normal attack anyone (Character - PVP or Mobs/bosses - Dungeons)it instantly leads the owner's status to Fatal...

I have done some minor researches about this bug, and It seems that this bug occurs only to specific Characters which Includes which is maybe limited to - Amy (any job), Arme (any Job), Seighart(any job), Dio (any job/ only Diablos i guess). If I may have some characters left behind please state so, to help squash the bug completely...

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I recorded a video that whenever amy attacks her normal attack on enemies fatal status occurs, of course it also does that to other stated characters. e.g. Arme - Jump attack, Dio - Jump Attack, Seighart - Normal Attack/Jump attack.
about the video please skip to the 0:55 part..

If my research and description states is inaccurate please be my guest to correct the info for everything to be precise.

Bug #2: Missing Faces.
Description: This bug relates to Emotion system matters... and just irritates me that my characters haven't had faces for a long time now, thinking that the bug will be updated soon enough, but I can say that this - Soon enough is later than i thought, so maybe I can just put it to a halt and please squash the bugs.

well, as a conclusion, emotion system in some armors are still not updated, e.g. Amy - Idol Amy armor, Mari - Ether Tech armor, and etc...

I know it will be updated but please make it sooner as if I can't really stand for my Amy havent had a face in ages...

Bug Compilation as of March 2013 GrandChase20130311_153754
Bug Compilation as of March 2013 GrandChase20130311_153759

Also, about updating the emotion system entirely, I look forward to having emotion system for my baldur set too.. and all cash/GP armors in the shop(normal). please make it sooner.. ^^v

Bug #3: Lime's Hammer-Head
Description: well this is just a minor bug, but I really wanted to report this cause it is irritating, ahha and hilariously silly.

when you equip lime with the (season 3) Cherry Blossom Petals, The Hammer which should be in Lime's Hands, is mislocated in her Head as shown in the picture proof below... well... can you just please fix it... ^^v

Bug Compilation as of March 2013 GrandChase20130311_154053

Bug #2: PVP Balancements goes Bugged
Description: In PVP, whenever My characters use skills, the Mana Regeneration stops until the skill puts into a halt...then after the skill, the Mana regeneration resumes.... I know that this is an implemented Balancement in korea that all characters are now prohibited to regenerate their mana while in the state of using skills, (i guess to balance the imba mp recovery rate of some players, and of course to balance the entire PVP gameplay) but If this balancement will be occuring in the PH, please make sure in the process of testing the implementation of the said bug, please make sure that the PVP gameplay stays balanced...

With the balancement to be implemented, some character's Mana are halted while using skills when some are not...

Breakdown of characters:
Elesis - not
Lire - Stops
Arme - stops
Lass - stops
Ryan - stops
Ronan - stops
Amy - stops
Jin - stops
Seighart - stops
Mari - stops
Dio - not
Zero - not
Ley - stops
Luxus - not
Rin - stops
Asin - not
Lime - not


not - The character's mana doesnt stop regenerating when using skills
stops - The Character's mana stops regenerating when using skills.

well, This causes some imbalanacements to some players having the advantage and the disadvantage of the said bug... so please fix this as soon as possible...

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the proof is just a mere example of the said bug, having shown ley when using a skill that stops her mp regenartion, while luxus doesnt... this cause major advantage for luxus users to cease and use the advantage to win over in PVP...

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Bug Compilation as of March 2013 Tumblr_lp69owBFep1qzatrv
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