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It's going around Empty It's going around

on Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:06 am
And another server's got it. The Super Gacha is making its rounds, which begs the question, what's NA getting? GCBR got a good selection, but GCPH got the choice of just two. Although the fact we just got Cordelia seems to put a damper on things...hmm...

Well I've seen them drop a Gacha after a month and a half or so, so they'll probably just rush through it once they decide what they want. Sirius and Rexy will probably be there, because KOG knows they can always make money with them...Not sure if I'm happy or sad about that, which is weird because I have neither of those pets.

Well, you can always make your predictions, maybe we could turn it into a pool, betting on our Gacha brackets? XD

Oh, now that I'm thinking about Gacha there's something else I wanted to ask, about KGC's Super Gacha, because no video I can find, no post on Cow's GC Blog, no other forum or message board, and no one I talk to can answer me...

How does Seal Breaker work in KGC? XD Okay let me back up a little. I have no trouble navigating the menus whatsoever, I've scoured the shop, the hero shop, done all the missions up to Thunder Hammer (I level fast), done several runs of the first two HD's, and I cannot find scrolls anywhere.

Not to mention when I open the SB tab from the menu, there's no scrolls in there either...actually it doesn't even bring up that menu giving me the choice of 5 Gachas or so to choose from, I'm guessing the Super Gacha is over in the East? XD

Still though, every game I join there's a Sirius here, a Rexy there, not to mention how fond everyone is of mixing and matching various SB sets and pets XD I would have a hard time believing this is a cash only system...especially with the Korean law that caused them to change the treasure system and take cash armor out of the shop or make it available through P Points anyway.

If you guys could help me out here I'd really appreciate...I've got 24 days left, I do wanna get the full experience out of them XD

Edit: Well, my question of how to get seal breaker scrolls is answered, unless there's another way outside of the cash shop during events... That said I still don't know how to use the system, I managed to get scrolls from the event mini game but I can't figure out how to change the level of the Seal Breaker, or even use the scrolls in the first place...The tab only seems to change the job weapon reward as far as I can tell...
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