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Trivias for AdventZ Empty Trivias for AdventZ

on Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:36 am
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Thanatos Trivias

1)Although Iblis claims that Thanatos was "kind", this is unconfirmed. The description on Thanny Boy states that he "daydreamed as a youngster of seizing control of the universe and wreaking despair in the hearts of gods and men alike" Thanatos kindness was most likely a ploy to lower the other Deities' defenses and gain their trust until he begun his reign

2)There are certain hints of information that Thanatos was not evil, however. Most of this data gained was related to Iblis.

3)"Thanatos" in Greek means "Death".

Void Trivias

1)According to translations, Void tried to activate a time machine in hopes to prevent Edna from dying and needed something from Mari to do so.(Namely the Soul Stone)

2)Void's full name is Duel Pone/Von Jack/Zec Avenger.

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