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Ryan "The protector of the forest." Empty Ryan "The protector of the forest."

on Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:58 am
Ryan "The protector of the forest." 2jc7ti0  Ryan "The protector of the forest." Jgm8hs
Ryan "The protector of the forest." 11r4yoj


"The protector of the forest."
Main Info
Name: Ryan Woodguard
Age: 15
Favorite Activity: Enjoying Mother Nature (tall trees, fresh air, and clean water).
Pet Peeve: Everything that destroys Nature.

Ryan is a kind and cheerful forest elf who loves helping others. He’ll do anything he can for nature lovers, and will play obnoxious pranks on those that threaten nature. Ever since he witnessed Kaze'aze destroy the Partusay Sea, Ryan has been driven by his rage against Kaze'aze.

Special Ability
Living under Mother Nature's hands, Ryan is gifted with the ability to transform. He was given this ability so he may punish all of Nature's rivals.
As a Druid, Sentinel, Viken, and the Vanquisher, he can change into the Wolf. This beast uses dangerous bite and slash attacks to defeat his enemy. He is given an attack buff, but costs him his Defense and Vitality. In addition, he can spread a second buff to nearby allies which lasts for 3 seconds as an infinite stream around the Wolf. Currently, the Wolf is the only one of Ryan's transformations that can be grabbed. However, if the Wolf transformation wears off while being grabbed, Ryan will be freed from the grab.

The Nephilim is summoned as a Sentinel, Viken, and Vanquisher. This dangerous creature is the avatar of Nature's wrath. It is given super armor effects and vitality buffs alongside increasing its size, making it ungrabbable. Along with it is a protection aura to push off nearby enemies, and also insane attack boost in dungeons. He also can spread a second defense buff which lasts for 35 seconds. Indeed, the Nephilim can cause massive chaos on his foes.

Magnus Dan is the legendary hero of the Druids and their leader. For being at such an old age, he was to retire then be succeeded by the Vanquisher and given his strength to him. Magnus Dan is given no buffs, but contains three different skills alongside with a size increase to defend himself from grabs, and this transformation has no time limit. If controlled right, he can be a great asset.

Ryan can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.
"They say that a young elf from Trial Forest drank water mixed with Kaze'aze's blood and underwent a bizarre transformation. Could you bring back a pure tree trunk so we may treat the poor thing? It would make him very happy."
Ryan "The protector of the forest." 2hwjo7aRyan "The protector of the forest." Ryan_Mission
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