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Arme "Serdin's talented Violet Mage." Empty Arme "Serdin's talented Violet Mage."

on Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:04 pm
Arme "Serdin's talented Violet Mage." 316md80  Arme "Serdin's talented Violet Mage." W7lkp1
Arme "Serdin's talented Violet Mage." Mkdt8l

"Serdin's talented Violet Mage."
Main Info
Name: Arme Glenstid
Age: 15
Favorite Activity: Magical Research.
Pet Peeve: Interference with her magic research.

Arme is a cheerful mage from Serdin, the Kingdom of Magic. She became a member of the Violet Mage Guild, the greatest guild of the Serdin Kingdom, at an early age. She has mastered both Black and White Magic, but her curiosity for magic is still insatiable. After learning about Kaze'aze’s powerful magic, Arme decided to join the Grand Chase, hoping to encounter the Queen of Darkness.
Special Ability
Whenever the Magician, Alchemist, and Battle Mage classes stand still for a few seconds, they will regenerate Mana while saying, "The Holy Light will lead us!" in the process. (The "Holy Light" means she's asking for guidance and support.)
Warlock does not possess this function, because Mana was considered a "flaw" to them.

As a Battle Mage, she cannot use Meditation while in the Fatal stance because she needs to "lean" on the staff to support her in said mode.

Teleportation allows the user to "phase" through an obstacle or an enemy. All of Arme's dash attacks are modified to teleport through targets, which can give her a major advantage over the battlefield.
Spawning Mana
Whenever Arme's classes spawn in a battlefield, they will always have one and a half of the MP bar already full. This also gives her a "head start."
Ironically, even Warlock has this, despite the "flaw".

Arme is one of the four base characters and does not need to be unlocked.
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