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Elesis "Kanavan's Ruby Knight." Empty Elesis "Kanavan's Ruby Knight."

on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:05 pm
Elesis "Kanavan's Ruby Knight." 2qluyb8 Elesis "Kanavan's Ruby Knight." Sv3n2w
Elesis "Kanavan's Ruby Knight." 2z6fdjb


"Kanavan's Ruby Knight."
Main Info
Name: Elesis Sieghart
Age: 15
Favorite Activities: Intense Battles
Pet Peeve: Easy Battles
Elesis is a Kanavan Knight and daughter of a Kanavan Tracker who never returned after he was dispatched to find Kaze'aze. She is an exceptional swordsman who has been trained by her father since childhood. While she was on a journey to find her father, she heard news about Kaze’aze in the Serdin Kingdom. Hiding her true identity, Elesis joins the Grand Chase in hopes of finding her father.
Special Ability
When Elesis gets hit by an arrow or kunai, a small meter will be shown to the right of her. The gauge empties quickly in a short amount of time. When the gauge is filled to the top after being hit by enough arrows or kunais, the word BERSERK will be shown in the middle of the screen, and those around her will be sent upward and back down, suffering a small bit of damage in the process.
Only Elesis, Sieghart after equipping Berserker and Dio after equipping Weapon Passive 3 have this ability.

Arrow Defense
Arrow Defense, by its obvious name, defends from arrows. Tap the Dash Button ( or ) as an arrow is near. It is also possible to deflect arrows back to the user as well, though at a small chance. When successfully blocked, it will show as "Defense", and negate the damage of the arrow by 80%.
Arrow Defense only blocks standard-leveled arrows. If any enhanced arrow is approaching, it is impossible to defend/block it, and must be dodged.

All characters except for Lire and Arme have Arrow Defense. However, Lire can gain the ability to shoot down enemy arrows and Arme can gain the ability to reflect arrows.

Magic Defense
Basically the same thing as Arrow Defense, but protects against Magical components instead. Many certain abilities, such as reflectors, defensive swings, or defensive shields, are known to block only several magical attacks, mostly Firebolt spells.
The ability to acquire Magic Defense is usually gained through the use of a Skill Tree. Only Elesis, Lire, Arme, Ryan, Ronan, and Sieghart can gain Magic Defense.

Elesis is also the only character that can actually block the Magician's Magic Circle, in the same manner as Arrow Defense.

Elesis is one of the four base characters and does not need to be unlocked.
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